We provide full turnkey project management and can procure all your packaging materials locally to save you money. We will establish a packaging road map for completion and collaborate with you on timelines so your deliverables are guaranteed. As your brand develops, Clean Advantage, Inc. has the experience to design end-of-line packaging solutions such as counter displays, POP displays, club packs and multi-packs. Whether you are a startup, or an established company seeking broader support, or a company who is looking for a strategic partner, Clean Advantage, Inc. has packaging solutions for every product.


Clean Advantage Core Values


Honesty/Integrity: "To consistently seek and speak the truth. Having a lifestyle without lying, cheating, stealing or other forms of deception. "


Respect: "To value self, others, property and diversity. Showing appreciation for sacrifices that have been made for your benefit. The ability to understand where your rights end and someone else’s begin. "


Individual Responsibility: "Using good judgment and being accountable for your actions. "

Compassion: "To show care and kindness for others. Helping others who are in need. "


Courage: "To face difficult situations with confidence and determination. Standing up for one’s convictions when conscience demands."








Clean Advantage, Inc. has 25 years of experience in packaging solutions.  We have established ourselves as a reliable source for large and small companies alike who want a dependable partner to serve in contract and private label manufacturing, in both liquids and powders, to custom packaging, assembly, inventory management and fulfillment.


Clean Advantage, Inc. is an extremely resourceful company who will embrace your project, from conception to distribution, working side by side to lay out the blueprint for a successful result. We take pride in our sensitivity to the details and custom needs of each project. We will help you avoid unnecessary delays and costly